Can you spot the genius?

The thoughtful teacher who leads with creativity, imagination, and possibility.

The empathetic business owner who clearly understands the who and why of what they do.

The generous marketer who doubles down on building trust and connection.

The remarkable creator who holds on to conviction and builds something memorable.

The compassionate leader who chooses herself every day and joyfully brings others along the journey.

Thank you to all the geniuses out there. To the many who have shaped and continue to shape my life.

Did you spot the genius?

P.S. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet and hear Doug Spencer and Danielle Deavens talk about their company Bold Xchange, a corporate gifting partner who thoughtfully curate specialty products from Black-owned brands to create memorable gift experiences. I was blown away by their conviction and level of clarity they had about the change and impact they're after. I'm so glad that I had the chance to attend this event hosted by Venture Café St. Louis and meet these two amazing leaders. I highly recommend checking out Bold Xchange and supporting their remarkable work! It's genius :)