Who are we really?

I recently heard an interview with Bo Lu, president of Clipboard Health, talking about company culture. He was asked, “What are some of the things about the company's culture that you’re most proud of?” His answer was unexpected, but spot on.

“We are not who we think we are, we are who our customers tell their friends we are”

As a leader or organization, the best (and only) way to get to the bottom of the question “Who are we really?” is to listen to what people are saying.

You say you value curiosity, initiative, and ownership. Okay, how are those values being embraced by the team? How do employees describe the work they do? Where are the gaps?

You say there’s nothing more important than making customers successful. Okay, what are your customers saying? What are they telling their friends? Where are the gaps?

So who am I really? Ask my friends.